Hvar, Hvar Away

Considering this is my first blog post, I guess I need something to catch your attention and persuade you to carry on scrolling. Well, how about this… 

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… Or this?

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If you can’t see yourself paddling your feet in that shimmering turquoise water, or sipping something ice cold and fruity at that table, I’m afraid we just can’t be friends! This is one of the most b-e-a-utiful places I have ever been and, if the title of this post hasn’t given it away to those of you who don’t already know the answer, the location might surprise you.


Well, the Croatian islands, to be more specific. To be even more specific, Hvar and Korcula, two gorgeous islands about an hour’s ferry trip away from Dubrovnik. I visited Croatia in August 2015, and even though it was almost a couple of years ago now, I still find myself scrolling back through these photos again and again.

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Mmmm… Dribble dribble…

I was completely blown away when I arrived in Croatia. I have so much to say and show about my trip there, and I hope to do that in a future post. Having done little to no research about the country, and instead being persuaded I should go based on vague rumours and recommendations that it was Italy’s cheaper cousin (and Game of Thrones territory!), I didn’t really know what to expect. As long it was warm and sunny, I would be happy.

Boy, was I happy!

We spent three days in total on the Croatian islands in between longer stays in Dubrovnik and then Split. It was easily the best bit of the trip. Glorious warm weather, soothing light breezes, total tranquility away from the mainland, and of course those insane turquoise waters.

Out of the two islands, which are among the most popular of the Croatian islands, Hvar is generally considered the glamorous party island, whilst Korcula is its smaller, quieter and maybe in a way more ‘grown up’ sibling. Personally, I preferred the town of Korcula, as whilst it was fun imagining myself boarding one of the superyachts moored up in Hvar’s harbour with a uniformed member of staff waiting on the gangplank with suncream and a towel colour co-ordinated with the boat (yep!), I liked the sleepiness of Korcula which seemed to cover it like a blanket, muffling out all sounds except that of the waves lapping on the shore and the seagulls gliding above.

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(Point: the lady rocking the stripes is not me)

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Hvar too, and the cosmopolitan atmosphere and cafe/bar culture provided a really fun contrast with Korcula. I even boarded my own boat off the harbour, although this one was more of a little wooden fishing boat than a superyacht. But that was okay, because it was taking me to another incredible spot.

After a ten minute boat trip past lots of little islets scattered off the coast of Hvar, we arrived on teeny weeny Mlini (rhyme unintentional but very catchy). The main beach area was pretty, but a little sandy path caught my eye, as inviting as the Yellow Brick Road. Where did it go?

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Drum roll for added suspense…

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Hello big blue!

Hands down, THE best beach I have ever, ever been to. Thank you, sandy path, for leading me to the most heavenly spot in Croatia. This was a real locals’ beach, and there were hardly any other tourists there; the vast majority were Croatians. An absolute secret gem!

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One very happy swimmer! (That is me, by the way)

After a hard day sunbathing and swimming, we were in need of a drink to unwind! Thankfully, there was plenty of choice back on Hvar. It’s tough having to absorb so much Vitamin D!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

So, the moral of the story is this: if you’re planning a trip to Croatia in the future, don’t miss the islands! They are incredible. Hvar, Korcula and dreamy Mlini (another rhyme, this time intentional). Heck, have a bellini in Mlini while you’re at it.

I would love to know if you think there are any other spots to rival the ones pictured above – any excuse to go back to Croatia and check them out is fine by me!




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